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What is our Minerhosting?

You have your own mining hardware but are overwhelmed with the infrastructure and maintenance of your hardware? Then XBit’s Minerhosting is for you. With us you benefit from a professional infrastructure and technician. We take care of everything, so you can concentrate only on your mined cryptocurrencies.


We host your mining hardware in our modern mining farms.

Swiss Green Hosting

Price per 100 W

On Demand
Swiss location
100% green electricity
Space rent
X-Discussion access

Swiss Eco Hosting

Price per 100 W

On Demand
Swiss location
Space rent
X-Discussion access
  • All prices in CHF incl. 7.7% VAT
  • Prices per 100 W per month
  • For 6 months hosting the installation costs are CHF 65

Your advantages

  • Fair prices
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Installation & Maintenance
  • Cooling, ventilation and air filters
  • No noise
  • Video-monitored area
  • No procurement costs
  • No delivery and customs fees
  • No installation effort
  • Specialized technicians
  • Personal advice
  • Reliable partner
  • Good delivery network and contacts
  • 24/7 Support
  • Personal customer service
XBIT Schweiz Miningpaket Minerhosting


XSolutions, Miningpakete, Minerhosting

The crypto market is still highly fragmented and volatile, so mining is a dynamic process. Thanks to our well-founded know-how, network, our instruments and solutions, you can choose from a variety of offers.

XTechnics, Miningpakete, Minerhosting

The technique is very important in mining. Professional installation, cooling, and maintenance are used to ensure that the mining hardware runs smoothly. In addition, a solution is used for the cooling, which supplies the miners, independently of their location, individually with cooled and purified supply air, which corresponds to the highest standard of mining farms.

XDigital, Miningpakete, Minerhosting

With our software solution, which is currently still under development, you can individually manage your mining hardware and buy new mining hardware through an exclusive shop. Through our platform, you can access your mining farm around the clock and from anywhere and make adjustments or view statistics. Through our platform, we offer a unique mining service.

XDiscussion, Miningpakete, Minerhosting

Thanks to our professional research you are always up to date on the crypto market and receive daily information, analysis and much more. This allows you to consciously invest your cryptocurrencies and create a profitable portfolio.