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What is a Miningpackage?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to run your own mining hardware? For many, this is far too complicated because you need premises, a good power supply, professional cooling, internet and technicians for maintenance and installation. We take over everything from the purchase of the hardware to the installation to maintenance and offer our infrastructure. As a result, you have no effort and can be sure that your mining hardware is operated professionally.
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Benefits of XBit mining packages compared to cloud mining

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  • Hardware is the property of the buyer
  • No maintenance fees and additional costs
  • 100% of the proceeds will be paid out during the entire term
  • Personal advice, Telephone counseling, Email customer service
  • Seminars on Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies
  • Contract extension possible
  • X-Discussion access, news and information about the crypto market
Cloud Mining
  • Hardware is the property of the provider
  • Maintenance fees and additional costs
  • No payout if revenue is lower than maintenance fees
  • Email customer service
  • No serminars
  • No contract extension
  • Blog news

Mining Packages

With us you buy your own hardware without having to worry about installation, power, hosting, infrastructure and maintenance. We do it for you!

Bitcoin Mining Package

Antminer S15

28 TH/s

Hardware including 12 or 24 months Minerhosting

Price on demand

Decred Mining Package

Whatsminer D1V1

48 TH/s

Hardware including 12 or 24 months Minerhosting

Price on demand

This is included in our miningpackages

  • Hardware
  • Installation
  • Electricity
  • Internet
  • Cooling
  • Space rent
  • Secured areal
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Insurance
  • X-News access
  • 24/7 support
  • Personal customer service
XBIT Schweiz Miningpaket Minerhosting


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The crypto market is still highly fragmented and volatile, so mining is a dynamic process. Thanks to our well-founded know-how, network, our instruments and solutions, you can choose from a variety of offers.

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The technique is very important in mining. Professional installation, cooling, and maintenance are used to ensure that the mining hardware runs smoothly. In addition, a solution is used for the cooling, which supplies the miners, independently of their location, individually with cooled and purified supply air, which corresponds to the highest standard of mining farms.

XDigital, Miningpakete, Minerhosting

With our software solution, which is currently still under development, you can individually manage your mining hardware and buy new mining hardware through an exclusive shop. Through our platform, you can access your mining farm around the clock and from anywhere and make adjustments or view statistics. Through our platform, we offer a unique mining service.

XDiscussion, Miningpakete, Minerhosting

Thanks to our professional research you are always up to date on the crypto market and receive daily information, analysis and much more. This allows you to consciously invest your cryptocurrencies and create a profitable portfolio.